How long is a recreational session?

Answer: All recreational sessions last for 6 weeks!

How do I register for a recreational class?

All registration is upon a first come, first serve basis!

Check out our new ENROLL NOW feature under the classes on our website 


Feel free to stop in the office at anytime during our office hours (M-TH from 4:30 - 7) to fill out the registration form and make payment!

All messages or emails will place your athlete on a wait list until payment has been received in full. 

Can I register my athlete for a recreational class at any time?

*Registration opens in Week 6 of the current session for the upcoming session. 

*In the middle of a session?? NO PROBLEM! 

Your athlete can register at any time during a session providing class availability. We can schedule make up classes or pro-rate you for the classes you will attend! 

What do they wear to class?

Recreational athletes can wear something comfortable - nothing special required. 

Just make sure they are able to move about freely. 


Some outfit suggestions:

Pre-School Classes: leotard, shorts, leggings, tank top, t-shirt, no footwear required

Tumbling Classes: - shorts, tank top, t-shirt, leggings, tennis shoes 

Recreational Gymnastics: leotard, shorts, leggings, tank top, no footwear required 


Feel free to check out our Pro-Shop for some official GK Leotards and the latest CCA Gear!! 

When can I register for an upcoming session?

Registration opens to the public in week 6 of the current session. 

>>>For example: You would like to register for Spring session #2, registration will open for Spring #2 in week 6 of Spring Session #1. 





Your registration will open in Week 5!!

I missed a class, can I make up?

Of course!!!

Make up classes can be scheduled through the office, by phone, or on your online account. 

Just make sure that you choose a date that falls within the current session.

My athelte is registered for a class, but it's not quite what we were looking for. Can we switch?

Of course you can! 

We would want nothing more than for your experience at CCA to be a great one! We strive to ensure your athlete is participating in a class that is best suited for them, and the skills they are looking to perfect. All we ask is for you to stop in the office or discuss with your coach prior to making the shift. We can talk through options with you, to ensure your best fit class! 


It all just depends on which class you are transferring to. If your transition will have you spending more time in the gym, then most likely there will be a little bit of a price difference. We can discuss logistics at the time a transfer is scheduled. 

I am not sure that my child is ready to commit to a full Six Week Session. Can we try it out before


We offer trial classes for any of our recreational classes for a minimal fee.


Give us a call for pricing and scheduling! 

How do I know which class is right for me?

Are you looking to perfect your tumbling skills for cheerleading? 

Skills such as cartwheels, round offs, backbend, backbend kick over, Backhandspring, etc.

>>Depending on age, any of our TUMBLING classes are a good fit for you! 

Are you looking to do a little bit of everything and to learn skills on all of the apparatuses such as bars and beam?

>>Our Recreational gymnastics classes are for you! This includes Cubbies, Tumble Cubs, Tumble Bears, Tumble Bears 2, Level 1 & 2, and Advanced Level 2.

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